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Round 2 Confirmed

The Twilight Singers will kick off “Round 2,” the second leg of their US tour in late March, running through April. The stint will consist of around 20 shows.

Dates to follow soon.

54 Responses to “Round 2 Confirmed”
  1. Melanie says:

    Just in time for my 30’th birthday on 4/10 YES YES YES!!!! Give me the dates gimme gimme baby 🙂
    PS T.S. should play on Dullis b-day. That would be sweet maybe at his bar or the viper room like w/the whigs. That was the best.

  2. steve boulton says:

    please, please drop by the motor city one more time. not only motown loves you but us across the border in canada whats you in detroit to. you guys have quit a following in Windsor Ontario and surrounding area. All we do is hop the border and drive a few miles to catch you and the boys at St. Andrews hall, the State Theater, or even the Magic Stick. Once we even drove the pontiac for shit sake. Come on down to motown Dulli. Call me back stage we’ll party baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jbrooks says:

    the tour is kicking off in denver again. hopefully there will be a better response than last time. i know that there are dates in baltimore, new york and chicago, but there are no dates in the south at all. sorry lee, looks like we’ll be traveling again.

  4. Talker says:

    Josh, don’t spread rumors, there ARE dates in the South. Be patient.

  5. ctrent says:

    just as i move to cincinnati… woo hoo

  6. sara says:

    I am getting confirmed at Easter.

    If Dulli plays NYC that weekend, I’ll definitely have something to confess, cos I won’t be missing that show for nothing!

    Hurry up with the dates.
    I can’t stand the suspense!!

  7. Amy says:

    Will there be a show in New Orleans?

  8. Justin says:

    Hopefully a show somewhere between D.C. and Norfolk. Saw Dulli for the first time in DC in November. Cant wait to see him again!!

  9. CAW says:

    How soon can we expect dates to be released? And, anyone know the size of the joints they’ll be playing? Same as in the Fall/Winter or larger?

  10. cc says:

    i know chicago’s venue will be bigger…

  11. CAW says:

    Maybe Metro in the Windy City?

  12. notasoul says:

    my wife and i caught both shows in chicago- they were great! i’ll bet they are tighter thanb ever, after having so many shows under their belt.
    since we live in indy, we hope to see them if they hit chicago or cinci…

    double door was cool (chicago), but i know they’d have little trouble filling the metro. can’t wait!

  13. cc says:

    both shows sold out at double door…i think they’d sell out metro in a heart beat, if in fact they’re playing there.

  14. jbrooks says:

    when i asked greg in italy how close to s.c. they were coming, he said baltimore. i think he had just received the dates that night, but maybe they added more dates. who knows?!?

  15. carson says:

    we havent had a florida show since the whigs played in 1994, so hopefully we’ll get one here … =)

  16. mitchell says:

    They will have no problem selling out any venue in chicago. If it’s the Metro that would be even better than Double Door, that place is too small anyways. hurry up with those dates, I can’t take it!

  17. usfice6 says:

    At the Atlanta show I was talking to Bobby about a FL show and he said “He would make it happen,” although I’d love for it to be true, I’m thinking it’s not likely. Who knows Bobby is from Miami.

  18. CAW says:

    Because of Greg’s relationship with Joe, I can’t see him ever playing anywhere but the Double Door or Metro in Chicago. Bring on the dates.

  19. monochrome says:

    what about New York?? Bowery once again?? There’s much better, I think– I caught a show at the Warsaw once– it was such a cool vibe…

  20. jimmie says:

    all ya’ll from chicago or something that are posting? no doubt they are coming there and to new york too. the question is about the south which i am waiting patiently on.

  21. cc says:

    good call caw…

    yeah, where’s that chicago date!?!

  22. jimmie says:

    chicago people want their tour date NOW!!!
    ya’ll are a trip. no wonder you honk your horns so much.

  23. 2cents says:

    chicago is banned from any future dates. they all whined the first time around.

  24. CAW says:


    It’s not just the Chicago date. I want to see the whole list of dates and then see if I can make arrangements to see a few different shows. That’s all.

  25. CAW says:

    Some people may have whined in Shhhhicago, but two sold-out shows were had, nonetheless.

  26. cc says:

    don’t go starting any rumors now 2cents…

    we got a date. it’s already been confirmed! so there!!!


  27. jimmie says:

    i am just joking… no hard feelings caw or any chi-town homie in da house. we all just waiting for the same thing i see.

  28. naveen says:

    damnit – it seems that every time TS tours, i leave SF for houston and i effectively miss either/or dates. i assume that there will be no west coast leg of this tour? i was in LA last weekend and wanted to stalk greg at the shortstop, only of course TS were in europe. please god, don’t let me die without seeing ONE show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. dee says:

    since they live in L.A. maybe they will want to play L.A. again since they said they had such a good time at the El Rey show! Pleeeeeease let them play L.A.!

  30. the don says:

    Hey Naveen,
    I hear ya on that one, but at least the Singers and the Whigs didn’t cancel shows in your state every time they are scheduled, its becoming damn near a ritual which I hope is broken by now. Please play Arizona, before I die!!!

    god sure as hell well forgot where the hell arizona is..
    the don.

  31. 2cents says:

    well now cc. since it’s confirmed, why don’t you share with the rest of the group? holding out?

  32. Scott says:

    Please, please, please pick Detroit again. We miss you already Greg!

  33. tony says:


  34. jake says:

    indeed, philly again.

  35. Timm says:

    Come back to Seattle please!!! We’ll make up for last time, I’ll dance double and make the girls I bring dance double just to make up for the last time. Please come back.

  36. RichieS says:

    and don’t forget we love you in England too!!!!

  37. cc says:

    i don’t have the date yet 2 cents…no, i’m not holding out!


  38. Elissa says:

    See you in NYC!!!!!! Oooooooooo oooooooo! We make partee!

  39. mjhaller says:

    PHILLY. Khyber is too small . Play the Theatre of Living Arts. AW and TS played there in 1999 and 2000

  40. gingerrothstein666 says:

    warsaw in bklyn? are you out of your mind, child? it’s all about bowery. can’t be anything else…

  41. mischa barton says:

    so cal! galaxy theater!

  42. Kuban says:

    Let’s get stoopid.

    Rialto Theater, Joliet, IL then off to the boats for some post-show gamlin’ hijinx!


  43. cc says:

    JOLIET?! or joy-let which is what i like to call it…

    they might as well play naper-thrill!

  44. Conjure_Me says:

    NC hasn’t had a Greg sighting since 1996(5?). Name the hall and I’m there. Heck, if they go to Atlanta I’m there as well.

  45. CAW says:

    In honor of the late Johnny Cash and since Joliet, Illinois is being discussed, how about a performance at the Stateville prison in Joliet?


  46. Jake says:

    That has to be one of the most brilliant (and insane) concepts I’ve heard all day. Good work, CAW…

  47. jimmie says:


    Where did they play in NC? Asheville? Raleigh-Durham?

    I missed it long ago…

  48. cc says:

    i could see ’em playing at cat’s cradle…maybe the orange peel in asheville.

  49. Jill says:

    Yeah, The Orange Peel in Asheville is a pretty new club. Knoxville looses a lot of acts to Asheville anymore. Asheville is like a Hippy mountain college town to me.

  50. cc says:

    it totally is…i saw gomez there last year.

  51. 2cents says:

    gomez? i saw morticia there recently.

  52. cc says:

    you’re funny 2cents…look everybody! we’ve got a comedian in the hiz-ouse!

    ps–now i’m holding out.

  53. lee says:

    It’s obvious everyone is excited; but we’re getting a little off track. Comments are closed.

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