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Uni, Liverpool

5 Responses to “Uni, Liverpool”
  1. Karin Rozemarijn says:

    I’m going!
    Missed afghan whigs every single time.
    Not missing the TS this time around.
    Representing the Dutch TS lovers!

  2. David Masson says:

    What a gig. Thought they were going to play in the Acadamy 2, but they ended up in the smaller room, so it felt a great deal more intimate. The twilight singers songs were beefed and funked up and Dulli was in great form. As people were shouting for an encore we hear a voice from behind us shouting “more, more”. As we turn around Dulli is there doin the shouting. He kept asking for the glitterball to be spun so a few of us did it , then it fell from the ceiling during Faded so I picked it up and gave it to them. One of the bouncers came out looking in the crowd for it which Greg found amusing and said “Dude we got it”, anyway I think they were going to keep it. I gave one of the roadies a c.d with my songs on and he said he would give it to the band, then I found out my brother had already given the drummer one. Hope they are not using it to wipe their arses with. The band were great and I hope they come back soon.

  3. Patti says:

    Hi all,

    as (another) Dutch girl I went and saw the show and I thought it was really great (not as nice as the one in Paradiso, though). Nice and intimate. It was good and I liked the Dancing Queen bit. 😉

  4. Karin Rozemarijn says:

    Loved it!
    After 23 hrs in a plane it turned out to be the best jetlag
    cure I ever had.
    Thanks to everyone that came out and made this such a
    great night!


  5. Atremo says:

    Liverpool University Set List
    Tuesday February 3rd, 2004

    Nowhere Man/Esta Noche
    Teenage Wristband
    Twilite Kid
    All You Need is Love/Love
    Annie Mae
    A Love Supreme/Please Stay
    Decatur Street
    Papillon/Crime Scene Part 1
    Martin Eden
    King Only
    Black is the Colour
    The Time of the Season

    Dancing Queen(Spinning Disco Ball)/Black Love
    The Killer
    Uptown Again
    Purple Rain/Faded

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