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Stax/Motown T Shirt

The Stax/Motown inspired shirt was pressed during the Gentlemen tour. The front features the Afghan Whigs’ version of the classic Stax finger snap, and the back has the Motown catchphrase, “The New Sound of Young America.” The AW logo on the back is also a take at the Motown style.


7 Responses to “Stax/Motown T Shirt”
  1. smoothie says:

    Hey –
    I want one of these t shirts ..where can i get one ..thanks

  2. hal peebles says:

    Beautiful. Where do i get one?

  3. Kevin says:

    These shirts look great, what color are they and whats the cost.

    regards – Kevin

  4. Aphrodite says:

    Where can i buy this T-shirt??????????
    I am really interested

  5. william says:

    when ,where ,and how can i get this shirt?

  6. william says:

    let me know! e-mail me

  7. Jody says:

    theres a guy on ebay selling these shirts, they only come in large for some reason. i suspected he was printing them himself, but maybe not. search afghan whigs, they appear quite frequently.

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