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Goteburg Review

Göteborgs-Posten, Swedish Daily
Original Text

Gig Review from the Gothenberg Show
4/5 stars

Thanks to Kim for the translation!

No wonder that the Afghan Whigs were called a grunge band: They released
some albums on Sub Pop Records in the early 90’s. Greg Dulli used to say
that grunge was the shit in the toilet. When that era’s bands gorged on
garage rock, punk rock and seventies hard rock, the Afghan Whigs mixed
soul into their rock music, with Greg Dulli playing the role as a lovesick
bastard who wanted to be a loverboy, but was dumped time and time again.
This worked brilliantly. Dulli was a big favourite of mine for some years.

I had no expectations to the concert, although indie icons like Frank
Black and J. Mascis have been in excellent form during their last visits
here. But the Twilight Singers can be called “Afghan Whigs light”. Dulli
is more fit than expected in 2004. We could feel that he was eager again,
after some years in the background. With a “hungry” band behind him, he
gave us the songs from his latest album. It’s impossible not to be taken
in by this man. Not many people can say “Gothenburg, do you like to fuck”,
without being pathetic. It was ingenious to play a rock version of John
Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” while reeling off the best jazz and soul
artists to listen to when you have sex, and then play a polished version
of a Marvin Gaye song.

The Twilight Singers played other cover versions, like Nina Simone’s
“Black is the color of my true love’s hair”. They played a bit of “All You
Need Is Love”, then “Susie Q”, tricked their fans, played their own songs,
Dulli grinned, smoked a few dozens of cigarettes and hugged his musicians.
The first encore was an ABBA song that he played alone at the piano. He
has added a few new roles: Dulli the singalong lead singer, Dulli “the
night club man”, Dulli the rock veteran. And he is as much the experienced
uncle Greg who gets all the women, as a self-pitying wreck.

The concert was well put together. After a foreplay that probably lasted
90 minutes, he played a few old Afghan Whigs songs. The very last encore
was a great version of “Faded” from the 1996 album “Black Love”. That’s
when you get stars in your eyes.

One Response to “Goteburg Review”
  1. Great review, looks like you had a god night. In Stockholm I almost cryed my ass off. This man is a really genius.

    Look out for my intervju on:

    I got 40 min with MR Elvis himself or at least Mr Dulli. Looking forward to The Gutter Twins release.

    Thanx for a great review ones again.

    Stay evil Daniel

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