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Gentlemen at 21 Deluxe Vinyl Info

gentlemen-21-RSDThe Record Store Day website has been updated with details on Gentlemen at 21‘s deluxe vinyl reissue, limited at 4500 copies and listed at $59.95. We knew about the remastered Gentlemen album (out Monday), period b-sides and the demos (all found on the double CD edition).

The inclusion of a random 8×10″ black and white promotional photo, classic “STAX” logo sticker and the “Do Not Disturb” door hanger makes this an epic must-have.

The album is available exclusively at independent record stores beginning on 11/28/14.

From the site:

The original record’s 11 tracks, remastered. In addition, includes all original eight demos for the album, recorded at John Curley’s Ultrasuede studio space in Cincinnati and are previously unreleased. The bonus material also includes the original Debonair b-sides, including “Mr. Superflow” and a cover of the southern blue-eyed soul classic “Dark End Of The Street”, along with three songs recorded live for KTCL in Denver, previously issued on the What is Jail Like EP. The set comes packaged with a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve art and its striking front cover image, an homage to Nan Golden’s iconic “Nan and Brian in Bed, New York City.” Limited edition 3 LPs, packaged with reproductions of promotional items from the original 1993 release, including 1 of 5 different 8×10 B&W promo photos, a 2×5 sticker w/the Afghan Whigs “STAX” logo and the famous “Do Not Disturb” plastic doorhanger.

Track List:
Side 1 “If I Were Going”, “Gentlemen”, “Be Sweet”, “Debonair”, “When We Two Parted”, “Fountain and Fairfax” Side 2 “What is Jail Like”, “My Curse”, “Now You Know”, “I Keep Coming Back”, “Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer” Side 3 (the Demos) “If I Were Going”, “Gentlemen”, “Be Sweet”, “Debonair”, “When We Two Parted”, “Fountain and Fairfax” Side 4 (the Demos) “What is Jail Like”, “My Curse”, “Now You Know”, “I Keep Coming Back”, “Brother Woodrow” Side 5 “Little Girl Blue”, “Ready”, “Mr. Superlove”, “The Dark End of the Street” Side 6 “What Jail Is Like”, “Now You Know”, “My World Is Empty Without You/I Hear A Symphony”

Notes: “Mr. Superflow” is a typo. It’s the cover of Ass Ponys’ “Mr. Superlove.” And yes, the album cover is displayed as black and white on the promotional sites. Not sure if that’s a variant printing on the actual cover or due to a mylar sleeve.

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  1. Jason Reynolds says:

    mylar sleeve!!

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