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Feathers on HitDisc, single out 1/19

“Feathers, the latest single from Blackberry Belle, is making some noise.

“Feathers” on HitDisc #549UK
Official Description:

HitDisc UK from TM Century is the weekly CD and mp3 service that includes new releases from UK charts. HitDisc and PrimeCuts are the music sources of choice for over 6000 broadcasters, nightclubs, and mobile DJs worldwide.

The Twilight Singers track “Feathers” closes out disc #549UK at track 19. The collection also includes songs from Kings of Leon, S Club 8, and DMX. Now that’s variety.

HitDisc #549UK is released tomorrow, January 16.


“Feathers” is also listed as one of January 19th’s “Hot Single” releases at

“Feathers” was added to the rotation at WOXY in Cincinnati (and online) this week.

RJ has the tip that “Feathers” will only be released as a 7″ single with Number Nine as the flipside. Look for it on Monday, January 19 26.

2 Responses to “Feathers on HitDisc, single out 1/19”
  1. monochrome says:

    Hey, where can I buy this 7″? I’ve asked around One Little Indian, and they know nothing. Help me please!

  2. Jill says:


    I hope this helps. I found Feathers 7″ listed on these 2 sites for sale. I think it is coming out on January 26th. But, I am not totally sure.

    Peace Out!

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