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Amsterdam Live Webcast

On Wednesday at 4:20 PM EST, the Twilight Singers will perform for VPRO Radio in Amsterdam. It will be available as a live webcast through the site. Click the “WebTV” link from the main menu.

Check out RJ’s Post for the details.

6 Responses to “Amsterdam Live Webcast”
  1. Clyde says:

    4:20, huh? In Amsterdam, no less…..coincidence?

  2. lee says:

    we were all thinking it…

  3. DD says:

    Great webcast from Amsterdam and so psyched to finally get a recorded copy of the Marvin Gaye cover. Bravo!

  4. mac1 says:

    I listened to the show and it was great.
    How do I get an mp3 copy?

  5. erin says:

    How can we get a copy of the whole thing? Any chance of seeing it???

  6. DD says:

    I used TOTAL RECORDER to just record the whole webcast as a WAV file.

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