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Blackberry Belle – Careless Talk Costs Lives


The Twilight Singers’ ‘’Blackberry Belle’’ (One Little Indian) hasn’t seen the sun in weeks and moves on weird, wired midnight energy. It’s faux-soul.

Oh, it’s as fake as a farewell fuck, I wouldn’t dream of denying it and hopefully neither would Dulli – studied, self-conscious, produced and polished to a point where it can barely be considered music at all. Oh no, it’s not authentic at all.

Real Soul is ecstatic, buoyant, liquid. Soul here is a burnt, black honeyed ooze dripping down our collective thighs – Greg Dulli’s lascivious purr of a voice. I bet if you kissed him he’d taste of post-coital cigarettes and pussy juice and sparks would scorch your lips.

This isn’t the Greg Dulli of ‘’Gentlemen’’ and ‘’Something Hot’’, though; those tonsils have found a purpose other than tickling labias smooched up against hi-fi speakers and blankly listing episodes a lesser Catholic would feel guilty about. Here he sounds heroic, iconic even; and he looks it too – caught spinning in slo-mo as headlights and neon signs zap into a screaming motion blur behind him, eyes flashing and mouth snarled into a God-eating grimace that implores convincingly, ‘’This second is more important than anything you will feel ever again’’. Let’s go. Now.

Let’s go.

It’s presented the way it is, utterly MOR, because everything here has to be super-accessible and hyper-contrived, “authenticity” is a byword for lack of imagination, or lack of fire, and is therefore the death knell of true art. Fucking ask Britney.

“Blackberry Belle’” isn’t scored like the soundtrack to an imaginary movie, it’s made a movie. Painstakingly scripted, edited with the finest razors cocaine can buy, shot on film – grainy and beautiful and better-looking than real life. Because every moment has to be perfect, has to be the one, has to be immortal. Yeah, session, musicians, sure, but in a world where Mark Lanegan (ushering us out of our seats, pushing us out to sea on the closing ‘’Number Nine’’ – twilight sung by a true twilight singer) is considered a session musician I want to hear this on every “Late Night Love Affair”-type FM request show.

“Blackberry Belle” tastes alive and deathless.

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