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Chicago Wrap-Up

The Afghan Whigs spent an epic weekend in Chicago, August 3-4, 2012.

On Friday the 3rd, the band played a blazing mid-afternoon set on Lollapalooza’s Red Bull staged to a large crowd. The show was live-streamed on Youtube and featured the background-singer line-up from the 1965 tour (Susan Marshall, Steve Myers and Doug Falsetti). Snippets from the performance are viewable in the embed below:

You can also watch Greg Dulli’s interview with former MTV VJ Kennedy for iHeartRadio:

The setlist for the Lollapalooza performance:

  1. Uptown Again
  2. I’m Her Slave
  3. What Jail is Like
  4. Fountain and Fairfax
  5. 66
  6. Gentlemen
  7. Somethin’ Hot
  8. Crazy
  9. My Enemy
  10. See and Don’t See (Marie “Queenie” Lyons cover)
  11. Lovecrimes (Frank Ocean cover)
  12. Going to Town
  13. Miles Iz Ded
MTV Hive Interview
“We’re a nighttime band. I played at 4:15 because they told me to, not because I chose to. “Crime Scene” was not gonna happen. I’m not gonna sing, “Tonight” at 4:15. I’ll sing it at 4:15 in the morning in Madrid. But I’m not gonna do it here.” – Greg Dulli
Chicago Tribune
The black-clad Whigs fared even better, in part because singer Greg Dulli appeared to be on a mission, his songs full of cruel twists and cold night-life adventures heightened by the blast-furnace intensity of his vocals.
CityPages Best of Lolla Day One
Suddenly, a hay fever-ish field felt like a smoke-filled ballroom with a velvet curtain hanging behind the stage. All of this was intense while Dulli wore sunglasses, but when he took them off and started making eye contact — whoa, brother.
Entertainment Weekly
The Afghan Whigs had a pretty exceptional set themselves, making even their darkest tunes (especially the raucous “What Jail Is Like”) fly over the crowd in Chicago’s Grant Park –like the flock of geese who seemed particularly enthralled by Dulli’s vocalizations.
Chicago Sun Times
Guitars slashed, drums pummeled, and Dulli pleaded and growled, confessing his familiar appetites for lust, drink and drugs while refusing to flinch in their brutal aftermath.
Fun Fun Fun Fest Blog
it’s almost like they never broke up in the first place. The band was on fire, especially the back-up singers (the woman really tore shit up) and the setlist was pretty damn impressive

On Saturday the 4th, The Afghan Whigs played at Metro, as an official Lollapalooza after-party and part of Metro’s 30th anniversary series. The band was again joined by the backup singers but expanded to include a local 3-piece horn section. This enabled the band to play stand-out cuts from 1965 including the seldom-played “John the Baptist.”

Shaky crowd video of the first two numbers, so you can hear those horns in action.


  1. Blame, etc.
  2. John the Baptist
  3. Uptown Again
  4. What Jail is Like
  5. Fountain and Fairfax
  6. When We Two Parted / Over My Dead Body (Drake cover)
  7. Gentlemen
  8. 66
  9. My Enemy
  10. You My Flower / Sail to the Moon (Radiohead cover)
  11. See and Don’t See (Marie “Queenie” Lyons cover)
  12. Lovecrimes (Frank Ocean cover)
  13. Going to Town
  14. Citi Solei
  15. Neglekted
  16. Faded
  17. Encore:
  18. Debonair
  19. Little Darling (Thin Lizzy cover)
  20. Omerta
  21. The Vampire Lanois


Illinois Entertainer

They treated the sold-out crowd to 19 songs in over two hours, with lots of “coverlettes” (portions of covers) before, during, and after their own songs, as has been an AW tradition. They came out of the gate with “Blame Etc.” then “John The Baptist,” accompanied by a trio of Chicago horn players and a trio of guest backup vocalists. “You My Flower,” the only track they played from their 1990 Sub Pop debut Up In It, was backed up by a little of Radiohead’s “Sail To The Moon,” and “We Two Parted” morphed into Drake’s “Over My Dead Body.” They broke into Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” at the end of the hip-shaking “66″ while Stevie Nicks’ “Edge Of Seventeen” led into the roof-raising “Going To Town.” Of course there were the band’s two new singles, the mellow “See And Don’t See” originally by Marie “Queenie” Lyons, and the haunting “Lovecrimes” by Frank Ocean with Dulli at the keyboard.



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