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“Lovecrimes” Press

The internet exploded upon the release of The Afghan Whigs’ cover of “Lovecrimes.” The track is available for free download at the official website. Here’s a rundown.

Rolling Stone

Greg Dulli and perpetually underrated guitarist Rick McCollum know exactly how to execute it, turning Ocean’s gauzy ballad into high-octane, Stones-y rock, complete with bird song, melodramatic strings and a gaudy-yet-appropriate guitar solo. A groove armada.

Washington Post

Greg Dulli injects Ocean’s formerly mild-mannered “Nostalgia, Ultra” track with weapons-grade amounts of menace, with predictably awesome results.

The Silver Tongue

The Whigs’ take on Lovecrimes exemplifies what Dulli does best with other artists songs; without taking away the original feeling of the track, the band inflict their own delightfully dark, film-noir-esque sound on the song, with a rumbling arpeggiated synth and sleazy lead guitar building to the middle of the track where the beat kicks in alongside a beautifully placed string quartet, Dulli’s voice as fitting as ever.


Greg Dulli gives it an even more sinister twist than Ocean does on the original, especially when his swaggering vocals grind to a sweet halt on the lines “You know I love it when the ride is smooth/If we ever get caught it’ll be a long vacation for two.”


…hard to complain about this string-heavy rendition of a track that’s right at home with the band’s dark-romantic aesthetic.

Death and Taxes

It’s actually a pretty liberal reimagining—Frank Ocean’s original is pretty spartan, and the Whigs’ chunky guitars move it into harmonic territory that almost make it sound like a different song.


Greg Dulli and Co. slow down Ocean’s original (from Nostalgia, Ultra), giving it harder edges, greater desperation and (surprise!) a heart of darkness.


The Whigs slow down the original, keeping the beating R&B heart intact but they bring out the inherent moodiness to the forefront.

AV Club

The Afghan Whigs have decided to temporarily sate everyone’s post-Pitchfork, pre-Lollapalooza malaise by recording a cover of R&B wunderkind Frank Ocean’s song “Lovecrimes”

Pretty Much Amazing

the Afghan Whigs’ cover of Frank Ocean’s deep-ish Nostalgia, ULTRA cut “Lovecrimes” is an unexpected delight and one of those rare instances where we prefer the cover over the original.


This slowed down, harder version is fantastic, and even gives Frank’s original a run for its money.


The Afghan Whigs cover Frank Ocean’s “Lovecrimes,” and the result is some damn sexy indie rock.


in classic Afghan Whigs style, Dulli makes everything about the song much creepier.

I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.

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  1. Josh Chisom says:

    Now I want them to tackle a song from the Weeknd's first mixtape… preferably "Wicked Games." Or maybe "High for This."

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