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Afghan Whigs NYC 5.23.12 Show Reviews

The Afghan Whigs made their triumphant return with a show on May 23rd, 2012 at Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Reviews below.

NPR: Songs of Love Gone Wrong, Done Right

The Afghan Whigs feel relevant now in ways that some of their peers cannot. It’s because of what they do musically, and how Dulli rides the band’s blend of R&B insinuation, hip-hop cool and hard rock invasiveness into corners of experience where few rockers of his generation have rested.

Hollywood Reporter: The Afghan Whigs Play First Show in 13 Years

The Afghan Whigs’ past may now be the present, but their timeless catalog of garage-born soul, has returned future perfect.

Variety: Afghan Whigs Concert Review

While comparatively small-scale in its nature, the show was outsized in its emotional and sonic heft, and clearly a galvanizing experience for an aud that was clearly dominated by true believers prepared to sing along with virtually every word.

The Fader: Afghan Whigs at Bowery Ballroom

Rick McCollum’s scorching guitarwork provided the perfect backdrop for Dulli’s baritone croons about the dark side of love, relationships, sex and addiction.

Rolling Stone: Whigs Launch Reunion Tour

It was a glimmer of the same brash persona reflected his his lyrics – unapologetic and upfront, they’re a document of Christian guilt.

The House List: Afghan Whigs Deliver

Greg Dulli’s voice has defied the tests of time, leaving fans eagerly waiting for him to launch into his signature strained and soulful bellows that at times sound more like desperate pleas than singing.

Entertainment Weekly: Still Dark and Dangerous

Dulli, bassist John Curley, and guitarist Rick McCollum—navigated those hot curves as though they had never been apart.

Newsday: Whigs’ Amazing Reunion

The Afghan Whigs’ first show together was triumphant, validation for all the accolades as one of the ’90s most underappreciated bands and all the meticulous planning they do to look spontaneous.

Spin: The Full Report

And the climactic “Miles Iz Ded,” from 1992’s Congregation, reminded that, when expertly done, punk and soul aren’t two separate things.

Jukebox Graduate: Rebirth of the Cool

Every person in that room knew every word and sang along, with a beatific or ecstatic expression on their face.

Brooklyn Vegan: Whigs Played Bowery

And the Whigs did not disappoint. They weren’t as advertised – they were better.

Boston Phoenix: Afghan Whigs @ Bowery Ballroom

It’s not every day that an outfit can reconvene and sound leaps and bounds better than calling it a day more than a decade ago.

Summer’s Kiss: Welcome Back, Fellas

Every ounce of energy expended on the stage was returned by the fans lined up on the floor of the venue, packed into a cluster of excitement and fervor.


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