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Dulli on New Lanegan EP

lanegan chill epMark Lanegan’s new EP “Here Comes that Weird Chill” is set to be released next Tuesday (Dec 9) on Beggar’s Banquet. Twilight Singer Greg Dulli provides backing vocals on the track “Methamphetamine Blues.”

Lanegan is the ex-vocalist for 90s rockers The Screaming Trees and is a member of the Queens of the Stone Age. His next full length album, “Bubblegum,” is due out in the spring.

Lanegan sang lead vocals on the track “Number 9” from the Twilight Singers album “Blackberry Belle.” In addition to being friends, Lanegan is also an occasional housesitter for Dulli.

Dulli is scheduled to join Lanegan on tour as keyboardist for several of the band’s west coast shows, including Seattle on December 12.

You can preorder the EP now at

The US release of the EP is missing the vocal version of Sleep With Me. This was due to an issue with the masters, but the full UK version will be available at the US shows.

Beggar’s Banquet US has also offered to make good on any CD you purchased that is missing the track. At this page: you have the option of downloading the missing track, or of sending in your copy to have it replaced with the full version.

2 Responses to “Dulli on New Lanegan EP”
  1. LLBlumJ says:

    You can hear a snippet on Can’t hear GD though. I thought these guys recorded a lot of stuff together. I guess I expected more than just one song of backing vocals. Any songwriting credits?

  2. RJ says:

    “Here comes that weird chill” is already available in Europe, for those interested. Try your independent record store or track it down online.

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