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Rolling Stone Baseball: Fantasy Commissioner

Week 2 of Rolling Stone’s “High and Tight” baseball roundtable is online. Greg Dulli contributed the following as an answer to: What are the three things you’d do if you were the commissioner of Major League Baseball for a day?

1. No batting gloves. I’m tired of watching guys fiddle with their gloves between every pitch. It makes the game longer than I need to be there. Toughen up your sissy hands and play baseball. Vlad Guerrero doesn’t need batting gloves and neither do you.

2. Instant replay for everything but balls and strikes. The Armando Galarraga perfect game debacle is but only the most glaring example of human error changing the outcome of a game. There is no good reason not to have instant replay for close calls.

3. Designated Hitter in both leagues. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Carlos Zambrano crush homers occasionally, it is mostly sad and painful to sit through a pitcher’s at bat.

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