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Full Greg Dulli Interview at The Quietus

More from Greg Dulli at The Quietus. He discusses the upcoming reunion shows as well as shedding some light on previous adventures.

My motivation is to sing these songs with my old friends. I went to see Buffalo Springfield last spring, and the joy on their faces… I toured with Neil Young, a long time ago, with the Whigs, and I watched a guy who’s playing with his old friends and just having the best time. They really enjoyed being onstage together. There’ve been little moments, in the last couple of years, that have tipped me back towards doing this, and that was one of those little moments of just like: “Aw, look how happy everyone is! The audience is happy, the performers are happy, there’s just happiness everywhere!” And it was for no other reason except that everyone wanted to have that communal experience again. And that went a long way, for me, in deciding to do this again.

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