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Atlanta Recap

Last night in Atlanta, Greg Dulli proved that the Twilight Singers could be whatever band that he wanted, at any time. Smith’s Olde Bar saw a very different Singers than the other shows I’ve caught, in New York, and Cincy.

The band was nothing short of an efficient, steamrolling machine, plowing from song to song with NO breaks or monologues, aside from a brief greeting from Gen. Sherman and a shortened Purple Rain intro. The time between encores was also incredibly short. Total running time at just under two hours.

Atlanta, I take back every bad thing I’ve said about you. You were by far the best crowd I’ve seen on this tour. Everyone ate up the new songs and reveled in the second all-Whigs encore. Not only was the show sold out (like every other show), it was OVER-sold.

Despite being a short show, the ATL got a full set from the band, whose on-stage smiles and between song glances showed that the Singers are having a great time. And so did we.

5 Responses to “Atlanta Recap”
  1. G says:

    That sure does sound different from the NYC show, which clocked in at 3hours and 10 minutes, with about an hour and 10 minutes made up of Greg talking (some of which was very entertaining, some of it long winded and had some in the audience shouting for him to just play the song)

    While I dug the NYC show, I probably would have liked the Atlanta show even more.

  2. jennifer says:

    drove down to ATL last night for the show. incredible in every way. very tight and the guys were obviously having a blast playing together. i was surprised not to hear more of the legendary dulli ramblings i’ve come to adore, but i did take solace in the fact that he once again brought up gen. sherman – as he does everytime he plays atlanta.

  3. overwhelmed says:

    i was sick as hell last time the band was in atlanta, around this time in 2000. i’m so glad i didn’t miss them again. it was such an amazing, amazing show. if anyone ever hears anything about a recording (of this or any other live TS show) i’ll give an arm and scalp for it. what a kick ass show.

  4. anna says:

    thanks for such a great show, it was truly awesome. i’m the one that ran out to the van at your hotel the morning you left for new orleans.

  5. Nash says:

    I drove my arse off to get down to atlanta, just to see this show. We need Twilight, a little closer to VA and NC would do. But I will drive, if it is another show like that. Well worth the 10 hour drive and then the 9 hours back. Bang up all around. And just in case Scott didn’t hear that… BANG UP SHOW!!!

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