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-Interview by Jake Cansado

Greg Dulli used to be in the Afghan Whigs.  Now he’s in The Twilight Singers.  The Twilight Singers just released a new album, which has afforded me the opportunity to interview him.  Apparently, once you read my thrilling interview you will go out and buy his album.  I once had a girlfriend who was a big fan of the Whigs.  Part of me did this interview just to spite her.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I had what I thought were ten pretty good questions.  The editor edited some of them (after all, that’s what they get paid for) because she thought Greg Dulli and his promoter might be offended.  I believe that Greg Dulli has a sense of humor and probably wouldn’t have been offended, though I could be wrong.  However, I forgot the real reason why we do interviews.  It is not to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of the artist or any of that bullshit.  It is to sell records for said artist.  My mistake.  With that said, please buy Mr. Dulli’s albums.  All of them.  Thank you.

LOTD: In college, my girlfriend and I used to fuck to Gentlemen.  Would you consider the music you’re doing with The Twilight Singers to be more or less conducive to fucking?

Dulli: My roommate in college fucked his girlfriend to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed and then would fuck her in the morning to a live bootleg of Albert Ayler at his most experimental. So, short answer- more.

LOTD: I haven’t listened to the first Twilight Singers album. What was that like in comparison to Blackberry Belle?

Dulli: T1 was cold, stainless steel precision. T2 is perfumed in mud.

LOTD: Your tour completely skips the entire state of North Carolina.  What did we ever do to you to make you hate us so much?

Dulli: You lured me into the confederate cash crop that put me on the fast track to lung cancer.

LOTD: I know that your web address is but if you go to it brings up a really lame, unrelated band listing page:  “Welcome to Twilight Singers! Your informational website on today’s popular pop and rock bands. Here you will find band and artists biographies such as No Doubt, N’Sync, Blink 182, Crazy Town, Pink, The Offspring, The Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears…”  Are you going to sue those fuckers?

Dulli: I think I own it and get money and free copies of Barely Legal.

LOTD: Whatever happened with Spoken in Darkness?

Dulli: Year nine update: Frances McDormand just passed. Laura Linney, come on down!

LOTD: Much was made of your clinical depression during the press for 1965. Your new album starts off with a track called “Martin Eden,” named after the Jack London novel in which the narrator kills himself (and a passage is found on your website as well).  Should we be worried?

Dulli: Worry not, friends. My number will be called when it’s called.

LOTD: You always seem to have a lot on your plate artistically.  Besides promoting Blackberry Belle, have you got anything else up your sleeve for the near future?

Dulli: I just bought another bar. It’s opening on New Year’s Eve inHighland Park, CA. Come round and throw it down. Also, me and Lanegan start our duet record in December. He’s Willie. I’m Waylon.

LOTD: You have a ton of people helping out on the record.  How hard is it going from that, to touring as a five-piece?

Dulli: My name is Greg Dulli. If I can’t do it, it can’t be done.

LOTD: Would you like to say some bad things about Columbia Records?

Dulli: Interchangeable names include Peruvian records or Bolivian records. On second thought….ah, the good times…

LOTD: How cool is it to have Apollonia on your record?

Dulli: Cool enough for you to ask.

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