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UK Wristband Single

For a little under £5 (or around $8 US), you can pick up the Teenage Wristband single (also known as the Killer Teenage Wristband radio EP). It has the same three tracks, Teenage Wristband, The Killer, and the previously unavailable So Tight.

UK Orders for the Teenage Wristband Single – ships October 27. – listed as currently shipping.

The official UK release date for Blackberry Belle is November 3rd; but has it available as an import, and has it shipping for £9.99.

UK Orders for Blackberry Belle
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One Response to “UK Wristband Single”
  1. Dylan says: has the teenage wristband single for 2.99. Thanks for letting me know about, since I’ve finally found a site that will get Blackberry Belle to me before the UK release date(and for under a stupid amount of surplus shipping fees). I’ve already ordered the album in at two shops, one of which led to a nice conversation with a Whigs fan unaware of the Twilight Singers.

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