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Twilight Singers “Blackberry Belle” Release

From Howlin Wuelf Media

Artist Name: the twilight singers
Record Title: blackberry belle
Set to be released by Fall of ‘03 via Birdman Records Group

The twilight singers are an ever changing collective, a chance for greg dulli to be in whatever kind of band he needs to be in at any point in his career. Not a dulli solo project, but more a particular outfit assembled to record a particular collection of musical moments/ compositions. On the second twilight singers album, blackberry belle the line up comprises: greg dulli, mathias schneeberger, mike napolitano, michael sullivan, jon skibic, brian young, scott ford, petra haden, apollonia kotero, mark lanegan, stanton moore, greg wieczoric, steve myers, chris phillips, matt hergert, hoss,
nikki crawford, jesse tobias, rick steff, richard ford, kamasi washington, josh lampkins, chris gray, amay

track listing:
1- martin eden
2- esta noche
3- teenage wristband
4- st. gregory
5- the killer
6- decatur st.
7- papillon
8- follow you down
9- feathers
10- fat city(slight return)
11- number nine

“Rock is visceral. It either moves you or it doesn’t. That is why, generally speaking, it is useless to critique it using academic and cultural references. But, as a professor in the Harvard Music Department once said to me, referring to Beethoven, “it makes it all the sweeter, knowing how he got to where he got.”

“To understand how Greg Dulli got to where he got, you would have to understand the town of Hamilton, Ohio in the seventies. A world of endless pick-up basketball
games, fist-fights in the King/Kwik parking lot, egging cars, Lynyrd Skynryd blasting out of the speakers of a passing ’69 Camaro. Catholic Mass, Shakespeare, The Who, Brian Wilson, Marvin Gaye and the writings of Jack London.

“I first met Greg in 1989. The Afghan Whigs were playing in a pizza parlor/punk rock club called Treetos in Champaign, Illinois. We bonded over innumerable shots of tequila and pitchers of beer while watching the San Francisco Giants play the Oakland A’s in the World Series. Just when I had reached a point where I couldn’t distinguish inebriation from reality, a massive earthquake struck the Bay area. We watched in stunned silence at the news coverage of a pan caked Bay Bridge with cars parked underneath. A night that won’t be forgotten.

“Years later, Greg Dulli remains a dear friend and I, an ardent fan. While none of the rock fury of the early Whigs records has been lost, the emergence of the Twilite Kid has brought with it a new efflorescence in Greg’s music. He has become a classic American crooner in the best possible sense.

“As with the Whigs, the Twilight songs are marked by hauntingly beautiful and simplistic melodies that weave their way in and out of a weightless world of atmospheric ephemera. But the wine has grown only sweeter with time, the tannin more rich. The lyrical world of Greg Dulli reminds me of Hamlet’s second most famous existentialist soliloquy, “I have of late, but wherefore I know not, etc…” sung with the get-down gusto of Howlin’ Wolf.

“Greg Dulli’s genius has provided a soundtrack for my life since that night in 1989. It has kept me company as I drove across lonely stretches of west Texas in the middle of the night. He has given a voice to my darkest id-ian urges and got my ass shaking on the dance floor. He’s made my mind hum with his intellect and made me piss my pants with laughter. I’ve seen him get body slammed by Tony Curtis over a tequila-filled Easter egg and watched him sing a karaoke duet with the late Dodi Fayed. I’m proud to be a fan, happier to be a friend.”

Donal Logue
Toronto, Canada
10 June 2003

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