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John Curley Update

John Curley, former bassist for the Whigs, sent along an email about his current projects. What follows is an excerpt from that email. It’s great to know John’s still active in the music community (and has a new band!).

“I’m still running Ultrasuede.

One of the better bands I’ve worked with lately is Shesus from Dayton, OH. Their CD, Shesus Loves Me, Loves Me Not just came out on Narnack Records. The Greenhornes 3rd CD, Dual Mono has been out for a while on Telstar but that’s another one worth picking up. Cincinnati bands Ruby Vileos, The Wolverton Bros. and Culture Queer have some really good recordings in various stages of completion, too.

I’ve also been working on another very cool project that I can’t really mention, yet.

I’ve started playing in a band again, too. The trio doesn’t yet have a name and we probably won’t be touring or playing out of Cincinnati because I now have 2 awesome little girls (ages 3 yrs. and 7 mos.) and Dave, the drummer has 3 kids. Anyway, if I could tour, I’d still be in the Whigs! The guitar player is named Austin, which is somewhat ironic. I’m pretty exited about it, though.

Michael Horrigan and I got to play a couple shows together over the winter as part of a recording project we’re doing with a NYC songwriter-piano player-actor named Todd Almond. We met during the Cincinnati production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch, which we all worked on during the summer of 2001. (I did sound.) Billy Alletzhauser, former Ass Pony and currently in Ruby Vileos (who was also in Hedwig) is the guitar player. We did the basic tracks in a 100-year-old theater in New Hampshire during a week long session in last January. It looks like Hedwig will be making another run at Ensemble Theater Cincinnati this summer so we’ll probably finish Todd’s CD during that time. Musically, it’s nothing like the Whigs but since most of the songs are about fucking, there is some common ground.”

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  1. witz says:

    Thanks for the update!

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