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Fantastic interview with The National by Michael Christopher:

“Greg Dulli was somebody from Cincinnati when I was in high school and college, and seeing how they became big international rock stars . . . I think the idea that a guy from the west side of Cincinnati can be a rock star definitely put the seed in my head, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ Even as delusional and far fetched as I knew that was.”

Berninger says that one of his “greatest wishes” is for the Afghan Whigs to get back together, and it’s not hard to see how the influence of the ’90s soul-rock foursome has woven its way through the National material, most evident when the band lifts the chorus from the Whigs’ “Milez iz Ded” for the fade out of “Slipping Husband.” And a direct connection can certainly be drawn between Berninger’s “Can I get a moment of not being nervous/and not thinking of my dick” (“Slow Show”) and Dulli’s infamous, “Ladies let me tell you about myself/I got a dick for a brain” (“Be Sweet”).

“Dulli just had a way of being so dark and almost brutal in some of his observations of himself and his dark side of romance, but he was able to articulate it in unbelievably powerful ways,” Berninger says.

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