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Dulli Enters Twilight Years

An interview with Greg concerning the Whigs breakup.

AP: Geography has been cited as breaking the band up. Weren’t you ever in a long-distance relationship?
GD: For the first long-distance love affair, see Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs. For the second, see Black Love by the Afghan Whigs. That’s my answer to that question.
AP: After 14 years, the breakup seems both shocking, yet unsurprising.
GD: I’m a bit shocked as to how I’ve been demonized by fans as both John and Yoko. John Curley — my best friend for 14 years — had a baby and being out on tour did not sound good to him. Rick was in love and didn’t want to tour. Little Machiavelli got left out in the rain and had to start his own band. [laughs.]

AP: Do you think the current musical climate hastened the band’s dissolution?
GD: When bands grow up, their fans do, too. The Whigs were very lucky — we had a loyal following so trends never touched us. But goin’ around the world to break even? I don’t blame anyone. Curley is a computer genius; he’s going to make a great living by not being in a band. I’ll probably be borrowing money off of him next year. [laughs.]

AP: Have you left loud rock behind with the Twilight Singers?
GD: I think this next record is going to surprise people. I still like high-octane rock music. Yesterday, I threw down something that was just as rockin’ as anything on the last three Whigs records.

AP: Were there any finished tracks for the next intended Whigs record?
GD: We had half-a-dozen completed. I would imagine the day would come where we would want to gather everything together for some kind of retrospective. But we’ve just buried the body.

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