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1965 – Misc Clippings

A collection of press clippings originally published on the Afghan Whigs’ Columbia-era site.

Newsweek – ran great CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Devin Gordon 11/23: “Singer Greg Dulli, the burlap-throated alpha male, is back to what made the Whigs such darlings in the first place: soul, soul, soul The band’s electric R&B is still at its sexy best when Dulli’s getting dizzy in relationship hell. On ‘Uptown Again,’ he moans, ‘Baby,you cry too much/I’m tired of the sound/you’re such a baby.” He starts out throwing daggers but by that last ,”Baby,” the awful truth sneaks into his suddenly lulling voice: the poor sap’s in love. So are we.”

Allstar 11/5 – “During a recent interview, Dulli said he’d like to see the Whigs become the “biggest band in the world.” Although they still have a long way to go to reach that zenith, at the Bowery Ballroom they played like they were already at the top. The result was one hell of an enjoyable rock concert, complete with all the trimmings.”

USA Today – ran a rave CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Edna Gunderson 11/3: “Heartland rock and vintage Motwon smoothness combine in sultry, exhilerating music.”

Esquire – ran rave CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by David Eggers in November: “Post-grunge alternarockers’ sixth album is their best in years. Dark, soulful, soaring — with backup singers, ‘70’s soundtrack horns, wa-wa guitar and lots of “Baby” this and “Baby” that.

Request — ran rave CD review of the AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Bill Synder in November issue: “Throughout, the Whigs play with the kind of restraint and precision that separates the great from the good, taking the frustrated rage of Nirvana and matching it with all the erotic groove of Marvin Gaye.”

Madamoiselle — ran great CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Nina Malkin in November issue: “Afghan Whigs have never been so in touch with their inner love balladeers. Their usual noisy guitars make room for horns and wanton female vocals, all lubricating the libido of front man Greg Dulli…What a hoot!”

Alternative Press — ran great CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Rob Cherry in November issue: “…Dulli and the Whigs have fashioned a lean album of libidinous groove expertyly punctuated with horns, strings and R&B back-up chicks. Templates for this album might have been the Stones’ Black And Blue, Prince’s Black Album or Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. And though the Whigs assimilated those influences long ago, here they finally seem comfortable enough to tip toe over the top….”

Jane — ran positive CD review of THE AFGHAN WHIGS’ 1965 by Christina Kelly in November: “This one, another melding of soul and punk rock, does not disappoint…Buy the reocrd and go see them whenever you get the chance!”

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