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Greg Dulli Quotes from Cambridge

Dave Copeland has a nice write-up of Greg Dulli’s show in Cambridge last night, including a few choice quotes:

“There are certain songs you can write any old time. Then there are certain songs you can only write when you’re really high on cocaine.”

On seeing the last ever Sugarcubes show:

“Well, the last show before they got back together. Because everybody get’s back together….well, almost everybody.”

On a potential Afghan Whigs reunion:

“There’s a reason why people get divorced. You start sitting around thinking about your ex-eife and then you start thinking, ‘Hey, that was nice,’ then you think ‘What the fuck! No it wasn’t.’”

While trying to tune the D and G strings on his guitar:

“Oh, hey, look! My initials are fucking with me.”

On not having children:

“I’d see that kid and say ‘Wow, you’re looking real skinny. Shit! I haven’t fed you in, like, two years. What’s your name again? Caleb? Caleb! What hippie chick was I hanging out with when you were born.”

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