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1965 – Newsweek

1965 by The Afghan Whigs. The downside of being called a critics’ darling is that it usually means nobody buys your records. The Afghan Whigs have been a critics’ darling for about seven years now, and there’s nothing on “1965” to suggest they’re about to sell any better. Congratulations, guys. Singer Greg Dulli, the burlap-throated alpha male, is back to what made the Whigs such darlings in the first place: soul, soul, soul. The band’s electric R&B is still at its sexy best when Dulli’s getting dizzy in relationship hell. On “Uptown Again,” he moans, “Baby, you cry too much/I’m tired of the sound/You’re such a baby.” He starts out throwing daggers, but by that last “baby,” the awful truth sneaks into his suddenly lulling voice: the poor sap’s in love. So are we.
— Devin Gordon

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