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Somethin’ Hot (Dulli)
Crazy (Dulli)
Uptown Again (Dulli)
Sweet Son Of A Bitch (Dulli)
66 (Dulli)
Citi Soleil (Dulli)
John The Baptist (Dulli)
The Slide Song (Dulli/McCollum)
Neglekted (Dulli/McCollum)
Omerta (Dulli/McCollum)
The Vampire Lanois (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Horrigan)

Recorded: Spring 1998
Released: October 13, 1998 (Europe), October 27, 1998 (USA)

Greg Dulli – vocals, guitars/Rick McCollum – lead guitars/John Curley – bass/Michael Horrigan – drums, percussion. Additional musicians: The Royal Orleans Revue: Doug Falsetti, Susan Marshall, Steve Meyers, Barbara Hunter, Derek Dicenzo, Alex Chilton, Steve Ferrone, Sergio Miguel Hurtado, Roderick Paulin, Samuel Venable, Roussell White, Christa Wells, Dave Hillis, George Drakoulias, Jarrod Olman, Josh Paxton, Alan Linker, Jessy Green, Donal Logue, Eve Buiguen, Mozart Gaspard, Yolette Dauphin.

Recorded at 544 Esplanade and The American Sector, New Orleans, LA, London Bridge, Seattle, WA and Ocean Way and Larrabee North, Los Angeles, CA. Produced by Greg Dulli. Recorded by Jeff Powell, except 66: recorded by Dave Hillis. Mixed by Dave Bianco and George Drakoulias. Photography by Photodisc, James H. Karales, UPI/Corbis, Don Hunstein, Peter Lagone/International Stock. Band photograph by Marina Chavez. Art direction by Frank Harkins.

There are some white label CDR promos and advance promo tapes without ID# around that contain a different version of Citi Soleil, due to the fact that the rights for the movie sample in the actual legit release weren’t secured yet. The advance promos list Neglekted under its working title Sylvia. The European advance promo lists 11 tracks on the label but actually plays 9:track 4 is Sweet Son Of A Bitch/66, and track 9 is Omerta/The Vampire Lanois.

“Guilt takes a backseat to lust on this album.” – Greg Dulli

CD Columbia CK69450 (USA)
CD Columbia CSK41441 (USA advance promo, diff. sleeve)
CD Columbia CK69450 (Canada)
CD Columbia 491486-2 (Austria)
CD Columbia, no ID# (European adv. promo, no sleeve)
CD Columbia SAMPCD6076 (French promo, diff. sleeve)
LP Columbia C69450 (USA)
LP Columbia 491486-1 (Austria)
LP Columbia (UK)
CS Columbia 69450-4 (USA)
CS Columbia, no ID# (USA advance promo, diff. sleeve)
MD Columbia 491486-8 (Germany)

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