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Afghan Whigs coming to Rock Band

Via Joystiq

Riding on the coattails of last Friday’s Rock Band Network reveal, indie label Sub Pop is the first record company to officially pledge its support for the new DLC initiative. Rolling Stone spoke with Sub Pop A&R exec Tony Kiewel, who said, “This conceivably could be the opening of the floodgates.” Sub Pop intends to convert its “entire catalog” — which includes Sonic Youth, early Nirvana, and The Postal Service — to playable tracks.

Additionally, Kiewel notes that future artists’ releases on his label will automatically get the Rock Band treatment. “This’ll be another format alongside vinyl and CD.”

The Afghan Whigs released Up In It, Congregation and Uptown Avondale through Sub Pop. The Gutter Twins’ Saturnalia and the upcoming Twilight Singers album are both Sup Pop affairs as well.

To thwart the enthusiasm a bit, in the source article, it says that “Sub Pop is looking at converting its entire catalog”. That’s a much more tepid statement. While seeing Nirvana’s Bleach on Rock Band will happen in short order, it may be a while before we see “White Trash Party.”

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