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Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs Available Now

skart-lowIt’s been three years and two days since we first announced the project, and I cannot be happier to say that Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs is available right now.

The question I get most often is “why did it take so long to release”? The short answer is that we had a huge learning curve and were very naive about many, many things. That being said, this album could not have happened without the support of the artists involved, their managers and labels, the fine folks at Chrysalis and Domino Publishing and (most importantly) the fans of the Afghan Whigs. This was a labor of love, and at many times felt like a vanity project. However, I was often reminded with emails and messages that there were people besides me that wanted this record. That motivated me to finally get it finished and release it to the world.

I owe a special thanks to Sam Holden for composing and photographing the cover of the album. Thanks to Trent Rosecrans, my long time collaborator for helping me get started and providing a sounding board for the submissions. Thanks to Don and Darren for being early reviewers of the tracklisting. And a big thanks to my wife for not kicking me out while I spent days filling out paperwork, traveling and putting together press kits.

I’ve been living with many of these songs for years. They feel like my kids and I’m so proud to finally share them with you. The Afghan Whigs may be gone, but their music is as meaningful, important and personal as ever. Summer’s Kiss is over, baby. But we can still put on our rose fur coats and party like it never ended.

– Lee, SK

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2 Responses to “Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs Available Now”
  1. Shir says:

    (This comment was long due):

    Lee, this is truly an achievement. I can’t thank you enough for pushing this project to its final stage.

    I think I’ll be more excited for you and the congregation than “just” from listening to the album when I’ll get a physical copy of it (courtesy of another congo member who’s kind enough to send one to me).

    A gigantic kudos from here, man. Thank you.

  2. George Dodge says:

    Still enjoying jams from this tribute. Good work, everyone.

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