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Afghan Whigs Tribute: Whitetrashparty Covers “My Enemy”

When we first solicited recordings for the Afghan Whigs tribute album, we were overwhelmed with the response. There were a number of songs that we loved but just couldn’t fit onto the album. Over the next few days, we’ll be making some of our favorite non-album tracks available for download.

Whitetrashparty: “My Enemy”

whitetrashpartyWhitetrashparty is just the band I was hoping to come across when we started soliciting music for the tribute album. I knew there had to be musicians in working bands that were as passionate about the Afghan Whigs as I am. These guys are such fans that they named themselves after the Whigs’ first single and recorded their own versions of 3 classic Whigs songs.

For this bonus tracks series, I chose Whitetrashparty’s cover of “My Enemy”. It’s a vicious song lyrically with a killer set of hooks and riffs. Whitetrashparty plays it close to the original, which in this case is a very good thing. And while WTP is able to recreate much of the trademark Whigs sound, know that their original music parlays that aesthetic to their own unique lyrics and melodic sensibility. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

You can buy music from Whitetrashparty at their website or stream tracks at their Myspace page.

You can listen to Whitetrashparty’s cover of “My Enemy” below or download the track here.

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