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Dulli’s Best of ’08 List


Greg Dulli
1. Frisky Dingo Seasons 1 and 2. Hands down the greatest cartoon of all time. If I were to answer the Proust Questionnaire query about my favorite hero of fiction; my answer would be Killface, the shallowest, deepest and most conflicted and tortured soul ever committed to whatever cartoons are committed to. I cannot adequetely describe the genius that is consistently on display every second of every episode. Adam Reed, the creator (and voice of Killface, Xander Crews, Wendell, Ronnie the Xtacle and Nearl (”Is this really Babar’s House?”), has apparently pulled a Dave Chappelle and gone on walkabout. I can only hope that he pulls it together to give us Season Three. Please God.

2. Istanbul. What can I say about the most beautiful city in Europe/Asia? Have breakfast in Europe and then cross the Bosphorus for lunch in Asia Minor. It is the jam. There are mosques next door to discos and everybody smokes. Muslim extremists could learn a thing or two from their more laid back brethren. I think it was that fact and being able to smoke legally in an elevator that made me finally quit smoking cigarettes. What more had I to do as a smoker? I had reached the pinnacle.

3. Terry Callier. I not only got to see him perform for the first time in Ireland this summer, but he sat with Lanegan and I before his set and answered all our fanboy questions like a kindly uncle. Then he got up, walked to the stage and tore the motherfucker down. Terry Callier is a giant among men.

4. Tinariwen. Have loved their records for years and finally got to see them at the same Irish festival. They are mesmerizing, hypnotic, transcendent and all the things you want a band to be when you’re doing mushrooms on the side of their stage.

5. Slumdog Millionaire. You know how it’s going to end in the first ten minutes and you don’t care. You just take the ride and watch the fairy tale unfold. It’s like Great Expectations and Oliver Twist transported to modern India and it is electric.
A great film by a great director and the kids at the beginning are fucking priceless. I loved it.

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