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Gentlemen Outtakes, Part 4

Bob Gendron, the man who (literally) wrote the book on Gentlemen will be sharing some of his favorite quotes, facts and anecdotes that were not included in his book with Summer’s Kiss. Today is the final part in the series. [Read Part 1, Part 2, Q&A, Part 3]

As the band’s first manager Greg Dulli’s best friend, Scotty Haulter has enjoyed his share of memorable moments with the Afghan Whigs. Here, in an amusing story that didn’t make it into the book, he recalls the band’s first tour with Steve Earle. –Bob Gendron

Scotty Haulter: We’re getting ready to do the New Music Seminar up in NYC. It’s our first time out of the region and it’s a big deal. We pile in the van. And we get to the first show and Steve has forgotten his cymbals. Well, Steve is the drummer so you’d think he’d bring his drum kit, correct? But of course he leaves his cymbals behind. Steve has to spend whatever money, the $100 or so he’s going to make on that tour, to get his cymbals FedEx’d to him. He’s in the hole already. We decide that since he lost his cymbals he is going to have to be bellman and carry all of our luggage, pump gas for the whole tour. Basically do whatever we tell him to do. That’s how Steve started out his touring life in the Whigs.

We got great memories four or five guys traveling around the country, getting to see things that none of us ever thought we’d get to see and do things we never thought we’d get to do. Pulling up and playing for five people some nights. Playing for 100 people some nights. Being sober enough to be able to play the show; some nights not. It was awesome. You wouldn’t be surprised at anything I’d tell you. If it could have happened to us it probably did.

A big thanks to Bob for sharing these excerpts at Summer’s Kiss. If you’d like to send Bob your feedback on the series or thoughts on his book, you can reach him at

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