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Gentlemen Outtakes, Part 3

Bob Gendron, the man who (literally) wrote the book on Gentlemen will be sharing some of his favorite quotes, facts and anecdotes that were not included in his book with Summer’s Kiss. Today is part three in the series. [Read Part 1, Part 2, Q&A]

In talking with the band, it soon became apparent that none of the members had actively listened to Gentlemen in some time. Here, drummer Steve Earle talks about his feelings for the record, and divulges a few surprising preferences. –Bob Gendron

Steve Earle: I’m extremely proud of Gentlemen. But if I am going to listen to a Whigs record, I’d prefer to listen to Congregation. I prefer the mix more. I feel like the drums and toms are more where they should be. My only regret with Gentlemen–and I didn’t have anything to do with this and it’s a good-sounding record–I wish the toms would have been a little louder. There’s a lot of stuff where I can’t hear what I’m doing. That’s just how it goes. What are you going to do? Congregation, I remember there was a little bit of an issue where the engineer wanted to have the toms louder. His theory was to have them as loud as the snare. I think that he got his way. I prefer the sound of Congregation over Gentlemen. As far as the songs? I think they are about equal. I really love both of those records. I have some Paris CD recording [most likely the soundboard “Debonair Gentlemen” bootleg from 6/10/93]. I can’t recall if Gentlemen was out yet. I think it was. And it’s a bunch of those songs, and they sound better than they ever have. It sounds better than the record.

Stream selections from the ’93 Paris Bootleg:

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