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Gutter Twins – Rescue Rooms Review
It’s not every day you come face to face with the Prince of Darkness. Emerging from the gloom of the near-dark stage, Mark Lanegan looks gaunt; battered by years of hard-living and hard-rocking. He’s quite simply mesmerising: eyes closed throughout, swaying gently as he clutches the microphone stand.

As one half of The Gutter Twins, his job is to rasp out gnarled vocals, while Greg Dulli blasts the audience with frenzied guitars and howling harmonies.

With a blistering backing band (I’ve never seen drums hit so hard), the crowd is treated to pretty much all of new album Saturnalia, the latest collaboration between Lanegan and Dulli, the latter who rose to fame in The Afghan Whigs in the 90s.

The thumping Idle Hands was always going to be a belter, while The Stations and God’s Children build up to deafening sonic soundscapes, Dulli thrashing around and even climbing the Rescue Rooms’ staircase, preacher-style, for the fabulous Front Street.

But the real treat was the encore, with songs from an earlier collaboration as the Twilight Singers and a rare outing for Lanegan solo tunes Hit the City and Methamphetamine Blues (with a snatch of Shadow of the Season from his Screaming Trees days – a genuine thrill).

As solo artists, they may have flown below most people’s radar for the past 20 years, but The Gutter Twins still feel like something of a supergroup… even if they do play under the cover of darkness.

By Steve Thorne

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