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MTV Tours Sub Pop has a video tour of the Sub Pop office. The clip includes a bulldog strategizing on how to promote The Gutter Twins album and a Polaroid of Greg Dulli and Sub Pop VP Megan Jasper’s mom.

MTV Newsroom ยป Nirvana Photos, Mudhoney Records And Grunge Shirts Galore: A Tour Of The Sub Pop Office

Saturnalia also made The Sub Poppiest Albums In Sub Pop History (According To Sub Pop) list at, with the following quote:

An album more than three years in the making, full of morose and melodramatic ruminations on life, death and the afterlife, by Lanegan and former Afghan Whigs lothario Greg Dulli. If you like the dark and desperate places the Whigs (who, I’m just now noticing, are strangely missing from this list) went, or the windswept desolation of Lanegan’s stuff, well, then you probably already own this one. Songs like “Idle Hands” and “Circle the Fringes” are somber, eerie affairs, while album-closer “Front Street” is gorgeous, desperate and swooning. Basically, there are about 1 million emotions going on here … none of them rosy. But what else would you expect from the Twins?

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