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Turning In Two (Dulli/McCollum)
I Am The Sticks (Dulli)
Ciaphas (Dulli)
Southpaw (Dulli)
King Of Millville (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle)
I Know Your Little Secret (Dulli)
All Is Not Lost

Recorded: January 1989 (?)

Greg Dulli – vocals, guitars/Rick McCollum – lead guitars/John Curley – bass/Steve Earle – drums, percussion.
Recorded (party recorded?) at Reciprocal Recording, Seattle, WA. Produced by Jack Endino.

Released early in 1989 as a DIY-tape and probably sent around to get gigs, this demo (probably culled from different recording sessions) got the Afghan Whigs their recording contract with Sub Pop. This version of “I Am The Sticks” was to be their first single (SP32), while this version of “Turning In Two” eventually surfaced on the “Retarded” 12″/CDS (SP4/115, Germany), albeit in a different mix. “King Of Millville” was the Whigs’ contribution to the “Where The Hell Are The Good Scissors?” compilation album. The versions of “Southpaw” and “I Know Your Little Secret” differ from the ones that were included on “Up In It” (SP60). “Ciaphas” is an early, sped up version of the song “My Curse”, that saw its eventual release on the “Gentlemen” album. “Butterflies” and “All Is Not Lost” have never been commercially available. The Jugula demo in it’s entirely, without the original artwork though, circulates amongst traders.

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