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The Scotsman Talks Devil Dirt

The Scotsman interviews Isobel Campbell about her second album with Mark Lanegan, Sunday at Devil Dirt.

Now the pair have locked horns again on the assured follow-up Sunday At Devil Dirt, which is altogether more grimy and sultry than their more innocent, plaintive first date. Campbell takes more of a back seat vocally this time round, but she has still captured their innate chemistry, even though the notoriously taciturn Lanegan can be an inscrutable workmate.

“He’ll be jolly one day and then he’ll go back to being quieter than ever and it’s as if you’re not even there. I try not to take it personally but it’s not always easy. For me, it’s actually quite masochistic. Sometimes you want to put a whoopee cushion on his chair or blow a big raspberry at him – which I actually do sometimes!”

So why work with him again? “I suppose I’m just a sucker for a good voice,” she admits. “He brings a lot of my writing to life and I’ll do anything for my songs. It’s never been easy, but I hated touring when he wasn’t there. Because I do actually love singing with him, it’s a total honour. When we’re on stage, it’s totally the right thing.

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