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Saturnalia – Harp

Harp magazine

Three of Saturnalia’s standout tracks:

“Idle Hands” (Lanegan/Dulli)

With his voice at its prowling Iggy-est, Lanegan purrs through the album’s loudest bristle of cutting guitars and sawing, Middle Eastern-inspired strings—and with “devil’s plaything” lyrics to guide him. It’s not the best track here. But it is the noisiest. And poking beautiful holes into clamor is what Lanegan does best.

“Circle The Fringes” (Dulli/Lanegan)
Dulli toys with a squeaking orchestra, rat-a-tat rhythms and Beatles-like codas with a sneering vocal tone that makes the whole thing as weary as The Sopranos theme song.

“Bete Noire” (Lanegan)
For all its sludgy slow electric pianos and “Ohio”-like guitar squeak, Lanegan sounds like he’s having the time of his life. That’s what hanging around your best pal will do for you. Plus, it segues nicely into the over-spooky-nest tune “Each to Each.”
By A. D. Amorosi

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