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King Of Millville (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle)

Recorded: April-September 1987 (?)
Released: 1989

Greg Dulli – vocals, guitars/Rick McCollum – lead guitars/John Curley – bass/Steve Earle – drums, 2x4s.

Produced by Bring MacDougan. Engineered by Wayne Hartman. Recorded at Ultrasuede, Cincinnati, OH. The drummer on this track is listed as “David”. Probably an outtake from the Big Top Halloween sessions.

Cincinnati bands compilation album, also containing songs from Bucking Strap, Liquid Hippos, Libertines, Wolverton Brothers, Thangs, Cybermen, Doc And The Pods, Bovine Militia, Melba Toast, 11,000 Switches, Hot Monkey Love and Brainlock. The Millville referred to in the title to the Afghan Whigs song is in Ohio, on route US-27 between Cincinnati and Oxford. It’s the birthplace of Kennesaw Mountain Landis, first “Baseball Czar”; a photograph of a sign stating this fact is in the liner notes. Rick McCollum plays lead guitar on the Bucking Strap track, which was produced by Greg Dulli and engineered by John Curley. John Curley is thanked in liner notes for help recording and mastering. Released on John James’ label, Man-Cub Records. All copies come in red clear vinyl. Includes a xeroxed color papered booklet, with one page devoted to each band. Intended to be a sort of yearbook of the Cincinnati scene of 1988.

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