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Dulli’s Valentine’s Playlist


Greg Dulli first made a name for himself crafting low-fi rock and soul songs about hustlers and heartbreak for Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers. Dulli is currently one half of a new project called the Gutter Twins (the other half being former Screaming Trees frontman and frequent Queens of the Stone Age collaborator Mark Lanegan). Their debut album Saturnalia (Sub Pop) comes out on March 4, but Dulli provided Rock Daily with a special Valentine’s Day playlist for that special someone in your life today.

John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis, “Coming to Town”
“You have to have a good opener with a strong visual sense for where you’re going on Valentine’s Day. It’s from the Hot Spot soundtrack. That movie was fucking awful, but the soundtrack is fucking fantastic. It’s got a bump and grind to it. You have to balance romance with sex, otherwise it’s just a sissy fest.”

Carla Bruni, “L’Amour” [Listen]
“I always thought she was beautiful. When I found out she was a singer and that she sang in French, I was keen to hear it. The fact that she shacked up with the French president after two months of romance, that’s Valentine’s enough for me. My disdain for the French is always balanced by my envy for how they get to work that particular aspect of life.”

Bootsy Collins, “I’d Rather Be With You” [Listen]
“If you ever see him play it live, when he hits the ‘Bootzilla’ pedal, you better be wearing a diaper. Because it goes all the way through you. Chicks love this song. You can dance to it, so this is where you make your move. This is where you get the slow dance going, you know what I mean?”

Chet Baker, “The Wind” [Listen]
“This is where you take the momentum you got from the Bootsy Collins song and you start to do something with it. It’s haunting and very sensual. I love it.”

Lightnin’ Hopkins, “Once Was A Gambler” [Listen]
“This is the time the clothes start coming off. It’s the blues, and nobody causes the blues quite like a woman.”

Roberta Flack, “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” [Listen]
“I don’t care who you are, it is undeniable in its beauty. I bet Kerry King from Slayer sheds a tear when he hears it. That’s how beautiful it is. This is the centerpiece of this play list.”

Bobby Womack, “I’m In Love” [Listen]
“Bobby Womack is one of my favorite singers ever. In this song, as in every other one of his songs, he has one of those shouts that is just orgasmic.”

Paolo Conte, “Reveries” [Listen]
“Some call him the Italian Tom Waits, though it’d be Tom Waits circa Closing Time, not the glass-gargling Tom Waits. This song is in French, and it’s fucking beautiful. This is the point in the evening where you have to take them somewhere else, to the next level, and this song is stunning.”

Johnny Jenkins, “My Love Will Never Die” [Listen]
“This song is the darkest and most overtly sexual song on this mix, and it’s a barnburner. I’m going deep for some, but Johnny Jenkins is always on the surface for me. He’s never far from my ‘push play’ finger.”

Martina Topley-Bird, “Lying”
“She’s my friend, and she’s the queen. One of the finest ladies I’ve ever met, and I think one of the finest singers in the world. This song is very tender. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous.”

Astor Piazzolla, “Milonga del Angel” [Listen]
“Astor is the Argentinia master of the tango. If you don’t have a little tango on Valentine’s Day, I fucking feel sorry for you.”

Donny Hathaway, “A Song For You” [Listen]
“It breaks my heart every time I hear it. Every time I hear it, it feels like the first time I’ve heard it, and it breaks my heart every single time. If you can’t close the deal with this song, you were toast before you even walked in the door.”

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