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Feels Like the First Time

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Sometimes going backwards can cause serious crashes. You look back too long and hard and you’re likely to get blindsided by past transgressions. Even worse, anything “retro” can sometimes feel about as real as a cage drawn by a white-gloved mime. (Haven’t I been in here before? And wasn’t it as lame then? Is this “retro bleak”? Why is it so empty in here?) And sometimes it can feel so gosh darn good, a spunky sex-strut full of real-life anticipation. Like every summer. Time reborn. Teeth-gnashing. And fantastic.

That’s how we feel about the new single from Minneapolis-based Moon Maan. “Be Good to Me” is bluesy, sexy, raw, explosive, and retro in all the best ways. The song is featured on the band’s self-titled debut, which was released yesterday on local label Catlick Records, and we can’t get enough of it. Led by guitarist, vocalist, and theremin artist Rick McCollum (former guitarist of the much-loved Afghan Whigs) Moon Maan will celebrate their release at the Triple Rock on June 22.

Until then, though, you can relive every summer loaded with potential–when blown-out stereos, breaking bottles, and secret-stripper-dancing in front of mom’s full-length mirror were what it meant to be young–by checking out the band’s debut and video for “Be Good to Me” on their web site. Equal parts Afghan Whigs, Thin Lizzy, and Led Zeppelin, the song has found its way into a permanent repeat loop around these parts. And no matter how many times we travel back there, it feels like we’re doing it for the first time over and over again.

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