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Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan Land in the Gutter

Fans who’ve attended Twilight Singers shows over the past couple of years have frequently seen Greg Dulli’s close friend Mark Lanegan make guest appearances. The two have been working for some time on an album under the moniker of the Gutter Twins. Dulls tells Spinner the album is moving along. “We’ve actually been in the same town for a couple of weeks now,” he says from New Orleans where they’re recording. “We’re going to record through June. This thing ain’t gonna come out until January but we’re on it.”

Dulli admits that doing a record with another vocalist is quite a new endeavor. “We’re trying to write most of the songs where we both sing them,” he says. “I’ve only really written for myself, so it’s challenging. We’re [also] collaborating on the music and the lyrics. We’re trying to make something that sounds totally different from either one of us.”

As for what that new sound is, Dulli can’t answer specifically. “It’s kind of all over the place,” he says. “We’re pretty schizophrenic fellas. There’s a song with a six-piece string section and timpani, a stripped-down rock ‘n’ roll song and everything in between.”

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