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From the eBay files: SALT SHAKER VHS

Salt Shaker is a short tale of the simplicty and absurdity of death.Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli plays a hopeless romantic-a failure of a poet who, along with his wife [Kathy Hendrickson} , attends a self-imposed last meal-all the while isolated from a boistrous patron {David Runeborg} holding court on art, life and death and the very plot of the film itself.Part Hitchcock, part Film Noir, part Parody, part whatever..An Andy Grund film, Red Line Motion Picture, running time 25 minutes, 1994….Used video with case in good condition.

Thanks to RJ for posting this to the Congregation list

One Response to “eBay: SALT SHAKER VHS”
  1. rockchick says:

    i bought a copy from ebay a few years ago. paid way to much for it, but had to have it at any cost. very hard video to find! this may be the only one i’ve seen come up in a year or so. but its a must for any hardcore Dulli fan.

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