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33 1/3: Whigs Book Proposals

The excellent 33 1/3 book series has published their list of new proposals over at their blog. There were three Afghan Whigs proposals, two for Gentlemen and one for Black Love.

They’re in the process of selecting books for publication next year. I don’t suppose it would hurt for you to go over there and leave a comment in favor of a Whigs book. Wouldn’t hurt a bit.

4 Responses to “33 1/3: Whigs Book Proposals”
  1. The Black Love proposal is mine. I could use all the help I could get.

  2. Lee says:

    Feel free to post an excerpt from the proposal – we’d love to hear your take.

  3. Thanks, Lee, but I’d rather not, at least until I know whether I make the cut or not! I submitted last go-round and didn’t get in. If I’d published the proposal, I couldn’t have reworked my idea and re-submitted this year.

  4. Well, Black Love is out of the running. Maybe one of the Gentlemen proposees will strike it lucky.

    I still hold out hope I’ll write mine some day.

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