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Unbreakable Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the Afghan Whigs anthology Unbreakable/A Retrospective has been revealed:

1- Retarded
2- Crazy
3- Turn On The Water
4- Debonair
5- I’m A Soldier (New Track)
6- 66
7- Be Sweet
8- Come See About Me
9- Uptown Again
10- What Jail Is Like
11- Magazine (New Track)
12- I’m Her Slave
13- Going To Town
14- Gentlemen
15- Let Me Lie To You
16- John the Baptist
17- Crime Scene Part One
18- Faded

May 1st has been set as the release date through Rhino Records.

16 Responses to “Unbreakable Tracklisting”
  1. monochrome says:

    A little disappointing?

  2. Lee says:

    There are definitely some surprise inclusions and omissions. But, is any tracklisting (short of a complete box set) going to make everyone happy?

    I’m excited to hear the new songs and see how they blend with the back catalog.

  3. Rocko says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to see something with the Whigs catalog like the Beatles Love thing. That’d be tits.

  4. guy s says:

    No cloudbustin? and where did “My curse” go?
    Faded – couldnt pick a better song to wrap up.
    Until May…

  5. rockchick says:

    yeah they’d have to release a 2-3 disk set to get in everything thats worthy!

  6. gordon_getgo says:

    i love the crime scene/faded pairing at the end of the disc. it will be interesting listening to these bookends back-to-back…

  7. DrinkinOxygen says:

    I agree with Lee – there’s no way that they could’ve made everyone happy with a single disc release. Still – just hearing the two new songs is worth it in my book…

    I wa always holding my breath for a double-disc (I think it’d have to be) “Complete B-sides” release, but I guess this is probably the closes we’ll get.

    This is just a CD release now, right? No longer a CD/DVD? I seem to recall that there was some talk initially that a DVD would be included…

  8. Phatballard says:

    IMHO Notable ommissions: Miles Iz Ded, Blame etc., Somethin’ Hot, Fountain and Fairfax, When We Two Parted, My Curse. Ah Hell…. We do need two discs… Still likin’ what’s there. I wonder if there are any remixes of any sort…

  9. TheButterThief says:

    And no Umbretta, either. It’s too bad; that’s an amazing song. I’d be interested in hearing it get a little lovin’.

  10. andiamo says:

    very difficult to survey the whigs in one cd yeah, but the new tracks alone justify the release for me,can’t wait. personally i was hoping for the inclusion of a few rarities…such as the mythical? whigs version of lennons ‘woman’. has anyone heard it? dulli and that song sounds like a tasty combination.

  11. gordon_getgo says:

    i always thought of “umbretta” as a tsinger song. feels like it belongs on “amber headlights”

    “umbretta” might be the comet that you won’t see again until the NEXT subway series…

  12. twilite kid says:

    I really like the crime scene/faded pairing. I’m disappointed that Miles Iz Ded isn’t the closer, but I think maybe it would sound weak (production wise) after Faded.

  13. blugel says:

    …since i’m a soldier is getting released as a single (including video), maybe it’ll get a cd single release as well, with some ‘rarities’ as b-sides…hopeful thinking, but hell, why not…(swore they initially said 4 new tracks being worked on)..

  14. bigshemp says:

    I wish we’d get a couple of the earlier songs (You My Flower, Sister Brother, Conjure Me) that sound really thin and could use a real remaster. I would love to see the Whigs’ back catalogue entirely remastered, particularly the Sub Pop stuff which sounds really trebly and weak. The only one I’m down on is John the Baptist, which is going to sound really strange paired with Crime Scene. And no Milez?! Hmmpth.

  15. kokoblue says:

    Yeah, a complete B-sides thing would be nice, but I suppose that isn’t gonna happen. I’ve got a handful but there are quite a few I no longer have or never heard in the first place.

  16. LLBlumJ says:

    Was Umbretta a Whigs song? Can anyone enlighten me? I saw TS on the Twilight tour, but I don’t believe I have ever heard this song. Is it available anywhere?
    PS- I know I heard GD cover a My Bloody Valentine song once. Anyone know what song and where this was? Or was I dreaming?

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