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Susan Marshall, American Idol

Katharine McPheeAfghan Whigs backing vocalist and touring partner Susan Marshall has a new item on her resume. She is the co-writer (along with Austin Carroll) of a song on the debut album from American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee. The song is called “Better Off Alone. The album comes out January 30th on RCA.

3 Responses to “Susan Marshall, American Idol”
  1. damondamore says:

    It’s a great song – I saw Austin Carroll perform it at Highland Grounds in LA with Susan a couple of months ago – his solo version on his myspace page and its AWESOME.

  2. damondamore says:

    Forgot to include the page –

  3. quincy says:

    susan is total class. i met her in Memphis a few years back. My band had opened for the Whigs in a crappy bar located in Grand Rapids, MI. She charmingly pretended like she remembered. anyway she signed a promo poster for my brother Pat, who might be the only bigger Whigs fan than me that i know of… anyway, she signed it–Patrick, you’ll always be “My Curse.” It hangs on his wall to this day.

    hugs Susan,


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