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A Stitch In Time – Fuzznut 8/10

Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers, not content with one well-received album this year, have returned with a five-track EP, Stitch in Time. While Dulli is an undeniable show-off, on this record, the limelight is very much shared with other musicians.

The EP kicks off with a cover of Massive Attack’s Live With Me, featuring Mark Lanegan (see Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan Band) on lead vocals. It’s Lanegan’s deep, dark baritone that turns this song into either a truly passionate, or deeply depressing masterpiece, depending on who you are and your outlook on life. Either way, this song could get anyone’s spine tingling as the subdued bluesy verses crash into a chorus which almost makes you believe that Dulli and Lanegan are feeling every word they are singing. As any Dulli fan knows, covers are his forte, and no genre is safe (the Justin Timberlake song at London Koko anybody?). This is one of the finest Dulli cover versions to date, and certainly deserves its place as the opening track.

Track 2, is a gentle, rhythmic little number called Sublime, featuring vocals from Joseph Arthur. Some nice guitar work and a more upbeat tempo make this a good contrast to track 1.

Flashback sees Mark Lanegan lend his vocals again to the EP, this time duetting with Dulli. This track is way more rocking live, as you will know if you were lucky enough to catch the recent tour.

Next is They Ride, possibly the best track here. Dulli reigns free with his gritty, slightly-sleazy voice, over a strong thumping bass line and guitars from Rick McCollom (Afghan Whigs). If you are wondering why there are so many female Greg Dulli fans, this song may give you some insight.

The Lure Would Prove Too Much closes the EP in a beautiful fashion, with its sway-inducing triple-time, and Dulli’s tender vocals effectively demonstrating his flexibility as a song-writer.

Stitch in Time proves that Dulli has still got it, enough so to release two records this year, and with Lanegan in tow, The Twilight Singers have developed into one hell of band. Not really indie, not quite rock, no rules apply- and the results are always impressive.

Sir Dulli, I salute thee.

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