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A Stich in Time – Norwalk Advocate

CD review: “A Stitch in Time” by The Twilight Singers – The Advocate
By Ray Hogan

The EP, “A Stitch in Time,” in stores Tuesday, is another stellar effort from Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers, a place for Dulli to write and perform with some of his favored musicians that dates back to his days as an Afghan Whig. This five-song is also a tease for Dulli’s The Gutter Twins disc with former Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan next year. To say their collaboration on Massive Attack’s opening “Live With Me” elicits chills is to understate it.

As it was on Queens of the Stone Age’s most recent “Lullabies to Paralyze,” Lanegan’s beautifully broken voice is set to a dirge-like tempo and haunting riff that steals this song from the trip-hop pioneers – who included it on their recent best-of collection – and brings it into a bleary-eyed and hypnotic haze. When Dulli adds his vocal harmony, the song hits a high without shifting from its plodding momentum.

That Dulli should mine such a recent track should come as no surprise. A musicologist of sorts for alternative rockers, his Los Angeles bar is known for its jukebox. The Gutter Twins return two songs later with an even more obscure cover, “Flashback” from the New Zealand band Fat Freddy’s Drop. Here, the two play soulmen for a generation that grew up on Nirvana. With a pulsing bass line pushed up front, Dulli adds “yeah, yeahs” to Lanegan’s pleas, which, given the song’s title, could as easily be about any addiction as it is a lover. This Gutter Twins disc is going to rule!

Alternative songwriter Joseph Arthur takes the helm of “Sublime,” a track he co-wrote with Dulli. It’s laid-back, moody and only has the misfortune of existing between the two Lanegan collaborations.

Dulli’s own fractured, yet impassioned voice reclaims the last two cuts of the EP. “They Ride” was written with and features former Afghan Whig Rick McCollum and “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” is a haunting lullaby to bring listeners out of this uniformly excellent short set.

Dulli’s work with The Twilight Singers over the past few years has been numbingly awesome. That it hasn’t attracted more attention means only that the alt-rock generation has some explaining to do.

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