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Pitchfork Feature: Found Sound 2006

Pitchfork Feature: Found Sound 2006 – Pitchfork’s annual “Found Sound” feature finds a nod to The Afghan Whigs, and a song near and dear to SK:

The Afghan Whigs: “Summer’s Kiss” [from Black Love; Elektra; 1996]
For some reason, I spent a good portion of 2006 wanting to only listen to Greg Dulli. Perhaps it was hormones, perhaps it was dissatisfaction with the sexlessness of current indie rock, perhaps it was boredom with “nice boys” in general. I’d never cared about the Afghan Whigs or the Twilight Singers before, but some time this spring I found myself craving Dulli’s malicious, delicious rasp more than anything else in the world.

Despite the fact that Dulli is often best when he’s at his darkest and most hateable, I couldn’t stop returning to “Summer’s Kiss”, which might be the happiest song he’s ever written. It’s the closest thing to a power ballad that the Afghan Whigs ever write, a climactic love song built on the crash and triumph of the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and the clang of Pavement’s “Summer Babe”. When Dulli sings, “Come lay down in the cool grass with me, baby/ Let’s watch that summer fade,” it sounds like he just wants to snuggle, nothing more. Which is weird coming from a guy who once admitted to having a dick for a brain, but hey, snuggling means that much more when it isn’t all you ever do. — Amy Phillips

3 Responses to “Pitchfork Feature: Found Sound 2006”
  1. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Great article. I always thought the same thing in regards to SK being a little Who homage. It’s snuck up on me ten years later as my favorite song on that album.

  2. llewis93 says:

    I agree– the last 3 songs on Black Love are so incredibly beautiful. I get sucked back in every time (willingly, I might add!)

  3. gordon_getgo says:

    Amy Phillips does a great job over at PFork.

    ~ G2

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