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New Whigs Track Titles… and a Video?

In an interview with, Greg Dulli dropped the names of the two new Afghan Whigs compositions, “Magazine” and “I’m a Solider”, and told of plans for a music video.

“We did two songs,” he says. “We had one, ‘Magazine,’ that was unfinished when we broke up. It was literally, like, left on the deck, and we finished that one, and then we did a brand new song called ‘I’m a Soldier.’ That one is probably gonna have a video, and that video will probably end up being extremely controversial, if it’s the way I see it. That will be the first video I’ve done since the Whigs, and it will be the Whigs, which is funny — and we won’t be in it.”

Why will it be controversial? “It’s topical,” says Dulli. “Let’s just say that.”

7 Responses to “New Whigs Track Titles… and a Video?”
  1. monochrome says:

    fingers still crossed for Umbretta….!

  2. TheButterThief says:

    No fooling! I think we’re all still pumping that low-quality Umbretta MP3 onto our playlists; how is it possible that we don’t have a studio version of that song yet?!

  3. bishi says:

    How about hookin up a fellow Whig-lovin’ brother up and direct me to a copy of Umbretta!? PLEASE!!!!!

  4. scarredgod says:

    I am another Umbretta lover, would love to hear a proper version of it. so did they only record 2 songs in the new sessions? or are there 2 still un-named cover songs? originally i heard they were recording 4 total.

  5. Rocko says:

    Controversy=Cash. I’m all for it.

  6. blugel says:

    i recall hearing about them working on 4 tracks, too…was hoping to finally hear that ‘bang bang’ song they were playing during their last tour, since i cant find any live sources of it..

  7. entropyfan says:

    blugel, if you or anyone else wants to hear “Bang Bang,” there’s a torrent of a show where they play it that can be found at . There’s also good number of other Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers shows available there. You have to register for the website which caps members at 10,000 but users are constantly being banned for sharing ratio violations, so just be patient if you can’t register at first.

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