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Dulli Dishes On Whigs Reunion, Collaborations
Wes Orshoski, L.A.
Still basking in the critical acclaim heaped upon the Twillight Singers’ latest album, “Powder Burns,” Greg Dulli is keeping busy with a number of collaborations, including sessions with Mark Lanegan and Joseph Arthur and a recent reunion with the Afghan Whigs.

Dulli was recording with Arthur last week in Los Angeles, and says that when the Twilight Singers return from a tour of Australia, he will “with earnest” pursue a long-festering group with Lanegan, the Gutter Twins.

“Mark and I have eight to 10 things in the bag already — those songs are done,” Dulli tells “But I don’t ever finish until I have 25 songs to pick from. I gotta have 20-25 at least. I can’t just write 10 songs and say, ‘That’s them.’ I need to see where it goes, so we’ve still got some work to do.”

Regarding Arthur, Dulli says, “Joe and I, whenever we’re in the same town, we’re in the studio. Joe’s a nomadic soul, so I’ve recorded with him in New York, L.A., and New Orleans. We do it because it’s a gas. When we walked into the studio last night, we had nothing. When we left at three in the morning, we had three skeletons ready to be skinned and pressed.”

Both Lanegan and Arthur are featured on Dulli’s new, Internet-only Twilight Singers EP, “A Stitch in Time,” a five-song disc available in a jewel case via import.

In September, Dulli and former Whigs bandmates John Curley, Rick McCollum and Michael Horrigan reconvened for the first time since splitting in 2001 to record new tracks for Rhino’s forthcoming Whigs retrospective, “Unbreakable.” Dulli says the album is tentatively due in the spring.

“We did two songs,” he says. “We had one, ‘Magazine,’ that was unfinished when we broke up. It was literally, like, left on the deck, and we finished that one, and then we did a brand new song called ‘I’m a Soldier.’ That one is probably gonna have a video, and that video will probably end up being extremely controversial, if it’s the way I see it. That will be the first video I’ve done since the Whigs, and it will be the Whigs, which is funny — and we won’t be in it.”

Why will it be controversial? “It’s topical,” says Dulli. “Let’s just say that.”

Enjoying the loose, collective-like atmosphere of Twilight Singers, Dulli warns fans not to expect a full-blown Whigs reunion. “I loved that session, and I love them,” he says. “Tey’re still my bros, and we still hang out. We had a blast, but after that blast was over, there was no ‘Let’s make a new album and go on tour.’ No f*ckin’ way. I don’t look back. I did what I did, now I do what I do.”

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