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eBay: Afghan Whigs “Sacred Heart” Shirt

What may be my favorite Afghan Whigs shirt evah is on the block at eBay.

eBay: AFGHAN WHIGS Tour Heart Thorns Fire Shirt Black XL

6 Responses to “eBay: Afghan Whigs “Sacred Heart” Shirt”
  1. rockchick says:

    i have been trying to find this shirt for years! its my favorite too! too bad i need a medium and they apparently are all L and XL!!! i’ve never seen one smaller on ebay!

  2. Lee says:

    In my experience, these shirts run small and shrink substantially after a run in the dryer. If you find a large, I would buy it and expect it to shrink almost a full size.

  3. blugel says:

    i still love that shirt of cover of the Honkey’s Ladder single…passed up buying it when it was brand new and been kicking myself ever since..

  4. TheButterThief says:

    blugel, I have that shirt! In fact, I liked that cover so much that I got it tattooed on my arm. Does anyone know the source of that picture?

  5. Conjure_Me says:

    I agree with Lee. This shirt will shrink but if you want a really tight yet neatly tailored shirt then you’ve found your shirt.

    None the less it’s one of my favorites….

  6. abechang says:

    I have it too…I wear it to every TS show…even if it’s underneath something else…it’s my way of paying tribute.

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